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On3 Elite announces Five Star Fans as sponsor for On3 Elite Series
On3 Elite is thrilled to announce Five Star Fans as a sponsor of the second annual On3 Elite Series. Five Star is a platform dedicated to enhancing the fan experience and empowering athletes in college sports.Founded by former Division I college cheerleaders Tina Provost and Jennifer Barr Dean, Five Star Fans is driven by a passion for revolutionizing the fan engagement landscape.

“At Five Star Fans, our goal is to enable athletes to monetize their recruiting journey and for fans to crowdsource athletes to their favorite school,” said Jennifer Barr Dean, the co-founder of Five Star Fans. “Our mission is to amplify the college sports experience for all fans while empowering athletes to build their future through innovative digital engagement.”

Barr Dean also emphasized the company’s commitment to athlete empowerment: “We live at the intersection of focusing on athletes’ recruiting journeys and enabling them to monetize their influence, all while delivering the most exciting digital engagement for fans worldwide.”

The partnership between On3 Elite and Five Star Fans signifies a shared commitment to reshaping the dynamics of college sports, where fans play a pivotal role in influencing the legacy of their university and supporting incoming athletes.

“Our core values align perfectly with Five Star Fans,” said Grant Frerking, Head of On3 Elite. “It is everyone’s responsibility to take care of athletes and fans, and together, we aim to elevate the fan experience while empowering athletes to navigate the evolving landscape of college athletics.”

The collaboration will enhance the fan engagement initiatives at the On3 Elite Series, providing attendees with exciting digital experiences that celebrate the spirit of college sports. On3 recently launched the Athlete Social Network app under the brand On3 Elite. The privately secured social network connects high school and college athletes to schools, coaches, brands, collectives, media and fans through websites, mobile apps and events. Through On3 Elite, athletes will build relationships, maximize NIL opportunities and enhance their performance.

Join On3 Elite and Five Star Fans in transforming the college sports experience, where fans and athletes unite to shape the future of the game. Together, let’s work smart, play always, and amplify the passion of college sports fans everywhere.

For more information about the On3 Elite Series or to inquire about credentialing, please contact Grant Frerking at or John Staton at
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